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earl grey black tea

earl grey
robustness of black tea/ citrusy/ bold/ refreshing
LT9's Earl Grey Black Tea is a delightful blend that combines carefully selected, high-quality bergamot with Sri Lanka's renowned Dimbulla Estate black tea, cultivated at an elevation of 4,229 feet. This unique combination produces a distinct flavor profile characterized by its richness and deep cocoa notes.

Earl Grey tea possesses a refined and sophisticated character, influenced by the distinctive citrusy and floral notes of bergamot oil. It is a classic and timeless tea choice with a touch of elegance.
The aroma of Earl Grey tea is perhaps its most recognizable feature. It carries a strong and inviting scent of bergamot oranges, which is both citrusy and floral. The aroma is often described as bright, fragrant, and uplifting, captivating the senses of many.
Earl Grey tea offers a harmonious blend of the robustness of black tea and the citrusy, slightly sweet notes of bergamot. It typically has a medium to full-bodied taste with a balanced astringency. The bergamot oil adds a refreshing and zesty quality to the tea, creating a delightful contrast to the earthy black tea base. The flavor is bold and refreshing, making it a versatile choice for various preferences.
When brewed, Earl Grey tea exhibits a dark, rich, and amber-hued liquor.
brewing instructions
warm your teapot or cup
Begin by pouring boiling water into your teapot or cup, swish it around, and then discard the water. This helps to maintain the steeping temperature.
Measure the Tea Leaves
Use about 1 teaspoon of loose Earl Grey tea leaves for every 8 oz (240 ml) of water. Adjust the quantity to suit your preference for a stronger or more delicate brew.
Heat Your Water
Heat fresh, filtered water until it reaches a rolling boil, which is 100°C (212°F). The high temperature is ideal for fully releasing the bold flavors of Earl Grey tea.
Steep Your Tea
Add the tea leaves to your teapot or use a tea infuser, then pour the boiling water over the leaves. Allow the tea to steep for about 3-5 minutes. If you prefer a lighter taste, check the flavor at 3 minutes, and allow a longer steep for a more robust flavor.
Enjoy Your Tea
After steeping to your desired strength, remove the tea leaves to avoid over-brewing. Serve the Earl Grey in your favorite cup. Enjoy the vibrant flavor and aromatic lift of this timeless tea on its own.
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