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ruby oolong tea

oolong tea
rich/ multifaceted/ bold/ full-bodied/ sweetness/ fruity/ mildly astringent
LT9's Oolong Tea originates from Taiwan, specifically from the renowned Hsinchu region, situated at an elevation of 1900 feet. This unique terroir infuses the tea with a naturally distinctive flavor, characterized by its recognizable fruity notes.

Ruby Oolong Tea, also known as Ruby Red Jade Tea or Ruby Red Oolong, is highly regarded for its exceptional and captivating character. It is a variation of traditional oolong tea, combining attributes from both black and oolong teas in a harmonious blend. The character of Ruby Oolong is often described as bold and robust, with a hint of sweetness and the classic smoothness of oolong tea. It offers versatility, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a tea that falls between black and oolong teas in terms of flavor and aroma.
The aroma of Ruby Oolong Tea is enticing and complex. It combines the maltiness of black tea with the floral and fruity notes of oolong tea. This blend of scents creates a layered and aromatic profile that is often described as sweet, fruity, and inviting. The aroma plays a crucial role in the overall sensory experience of this tea.
Ruby Oolong Tea offers a rich and multifaceted flavor profile. It is known for its robustness, akin to the bold and full-bodied taste of black tea. However, it also retains the smoothness and complexity of oolong tea, with sweet and fruity undertones. The flavor can range from mildly astringent to velvety, depending on the specific type and processing method. Ruby Oolong is appreciated for its well-balanced flavors and its ability to provide a full-bodied tea experience with a touch of sweetness.
Ruby Oolong Tea produces a deep amber or reddish-brown liquor.
brewing instructions
warm your teapot or cup
Pour hot water into your teapot or cup to preheat it, swirl around, then pour out the water. This ensures that your tea stays warm during the brewing process.
Measure the Tea Leaves
Use about 1 teaspoon of loose Ruby Oolong tea leaves for every 8 oz (240 ml) of water. This can be adjusted based on how strong you prefer your tea.
Heat Your Water
Bring fresh, filtered water to about 90-95°C (194-203°F). Ruby Oolong should not be brewed with fully boiling water, as it can damage the nuanced flavors of the tea.
Steep Your Tea
Add the tea leaves to your teapot or a tea infuser and pour the hot water over the leaves. Steep for 3-5 minutes. Taste at 3 minutes to determine if the desired strength has been reached, and leave in for longer if you prefer a bolder flavor.
Enjoy Your Tea
Once your tea has reached the preferred strength, remove the tea leaves. Pour the Ruby Oolong into your cup and delight in its distinctive taste and aromatic pleasure. For the finest quality, fresh leaves should be used for each brewing.
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