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black tea
brisk/ lively/ bright flavor/ crisp astringency/ refreshing
In the heart of Sri Lanka, perched at a majestic altitude of 4,229 feet, lies the exquisite Dimbulla Estate. From this haven emerges LT9's Signature Black Tea, a testament to the land's nurturing embrace. The pristine terroir, with its whispers of ancient traditions and gentle winds, lovingly endows the tea with an enchanting flavor. Each sip is a dance, a waltz of sumptuous dark cocoa notes, a journey of elegance and sweetness that beckons one to dream and reminisce.

Ceylon tea embodies a versatile character. It's known for its briskness, which means it has a lively and invigorating quality. This briskness is often balanced with a certain degree of smoothness, making it suitable for a wide range of preferences.
Ceylon carries a fresh, floral, and sometimes citrusy scent. Our Ceylon teas have a more pronounced fragrance. The aroma contributes to the overall sensory experience of the tea.
Ceylon tea is renowned for its brisk, lively, and bright flavor. Has a crisp astringency that provides a refreshing quality.
Ceylon tea brews to a bright and clear amber or reddish-brown liquor.
brewing instructions
warm your teapot or cup
Swirl a small amount of boiling water in your teapot or cup to warm it, then discard the water. This helps to maintain the steeping temperature.
Measure the Tea Leaves
Use about 1-2 teaspoons of loose Ceylon black tea leaves for every 8 oz (240 ml) of water, adjusting to your preference for strength.
Heat Your Water
Bring fresh, filtered water to a full boil, which is 100°C (212°F). Black tea requires hot water to fully extract its flavors.
Steep Your Tea
Place the tea leaves into your teapot or a tea infuser, then pour the boiling water over them. Allow the tea to steep for 3-5 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea. A longer steep will produce a stronger, more robust cup.
Enjoy Your Tea
Once the tea has reached your desired strength, remove the tea leaves to prevent further brewing. Pour the tea into your cup and enjoy the rich and full-bodied flavor. We recommend enjoying the tea freshly brewed.
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